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Datavision Technologies is the leader in intelligent solutions for the hospitality industry, streamlining the decision making process for users across the enterprise. Working with systems already in place (PMS, POS, Time clock, Spa, Golf, etc.), Datavision creates an integrated data warehouse and delivers a 360 view of the business on demand with a variety of business intelligence tools.

Since Datavision extracts data from all key systems, it is used by multiple departments across the property. Revenue managers use Datavision to analyze and report on room booking pace, market segmentation, Travel Agent business, in room versus out of room spend, etc. The spa department uses Datavision to understand their spa booking pace, booking lead times and analyze retail sales. The golf department uses Datavision to understand the golf booking pace, the number of guests who stay on property versus play rounds, and review retail sales. Accounting uses Datavision to streamline their income audit procedures automatically collect and balance all financial data (rooms, spa F&B, etc.) and transmit the reconciled results to the back office. Marketing reviews the guest spending patterns in the different revenue centers, guest geographic patterns, and booker and channel analysis.

Datavision understands business rules requirements in the hospitality industry, delivering solutions quickly to the customer. Datavision provides a wealth of data required by many customers and then add additional business rules specific to each customer.

Datavision offers hosted, Software-as-a-Service model. Datavision scales this in a variety of sizes from individual hotels to large multi-property management companies. Since this is a hosted model, the total cost of ownership is significantly lowered. The management team at the property only requires a PC and internet connectivity to access all of their data in the hosted data warehouse.

Datavision is successfully used at Pebble Beach Company, Biltmore Estate, Sea Island Resort, Hotel Dupont, Ponte Vedra Beach Resorts, The American Club at Kohler, InterContinental The Barclay New York, Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Mandarin Oriental hotels around the world and other premier hotels and resorts around the world. In addition, hotel companies such as Intrawest Resorts, Ginn Resorts and Clubs, Great Wolf Resorts and Tarsadia Hotels and Resorts use Datavision to consolidate and analyze data from multiple sites.